How to make a simple and engaging GUI application for windows | SLIDE 1

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Have you ever wondered how to make a standalone windows application with a decent GUI (Graphical User Interface) like the one shown in the picture ! if yes , you have landed on the right place .

We will use Adobe Flash Professional 13    For this , if you have never used Flash before don't be scared its easy and very intuitive even for beginners .

Download and install a copy of Flash professional 13 from appropriate source.

This time we will try to make a simple calculator application for windows

before you start goto upper right hand corner of the window and change your workspace perspective to developer

Step 1  Project Setup

Open Flash Professional  goto File -> New  in new window dialog box goto templates and click on AIR window sample in sample file

window will look something like this 

 you can run this file as it is to see if everything is woking

Step 2 :First Run 

 Before you run your application for the first time you will have to configure publish settings for AIR  windows settings  , AIR or Adobe Integrated Runtime is just like java virtual machine for now you can think of it as software over which flash applications can run . AIR is a virtual cross-platform technology using which your application will be able to run under any platform be it Windows or OS-X  .

click on File->  AIR 3.6 For Desktop Settings   

In this AIR settings dialog box

in general Tab  change all the settings under Output as  , Windows style , Profiles as shown in the picture below you can name your output file anything you like .

Now goto Signature tab

You will have to create a new certificate for your application click on <create> button next to browse button

Fill in the appropriate information and remember the password and save location after saving this certificate , browse for the certificate and write the password you used , tick the remember for this session and click OK .

Now to check the result click on Control -> Test or press (ctrl + Enter)  
If you have done everything correctly a window would show up

 Try clicking on the maximize button of this window :)

If everything works Congrats you are one step closer to make your own calculator application for windows

Step 3 :Setting up components For calculator  

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